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The Coldest !!Rapper Lady Been Cold

Independent Next To Blow

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Music just is not what it ust… to be when we find a diamond we love to show it off and Lady Been cold is  the coldest in Arizona!


Arizona has been overlooked for quite sometime does it really matter were  your from ?

No! In our eyes its the talent you bring to the table. Lady Been Cold’s music is a breath of fresh air her lyrics are easy to understand she has a swagger and originality and the beat is butter compliments to the producer.

Her confidence is powerful on screen we love her music and it’s energy

Female rappers hate on one another we love the fact Lady Been Cold is positive with her dealings her manager also takes pride in representing her brand with professionalism not a lot of artists have the infrastructure of support or people talking and this artist has the streets talking.

Rap music has changed a lot we need more musicians to step their game up in Arizona and start promoting outside of their local friends and family we love the fact that one of our connections made this recommendation for the artist to join our platform.

The mix of the song was professionally mixed, we also love the video because she unlike other rappers and singers put the time into her music and had the passion to create a video we hope to attend one of her events very soon in Phoenix.

The objectification of females is not a good thing! Not every rapper does this, but when the lyrics focus solely on the strip club, ‘poppin’ bottles’ and how many girls they can ‘tap,’ it distorts what kids are learning. I think if there was more of a female presence in hip hop we could break up the monotony. It’s all about balance. Queen Latifah


You Tube and also on Datpiff at the end of day her Mix tape is something we look forward to hearing more from Lady Been Cold. You heard it here first on Ear to the Streets.

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