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Nick Gordon Arrested for Domestic Violence

Girl Friend Covers it Up Drops Charges After Arrest...

Nick Gordon in jail for allegedly striking his now girlfriend and Bobby even reached out to help the women , but nick returned to the media to tell

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Since Bobby Christina’s death Nick Gordon has been a person of interest based on his behavior people are aware of his mental instability and also his addiction to narcotics.

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Some accuse him of the death of” Bobby Kristina” and also Whitney  Houston bothe found in a bathtub unresponsive some people feel it is a eerie coincidence he was there bothe times..

EXCLUSIVE: Just over a year after the tragic death of his then fiancee Bobbi Kristina, could Nick Gordon have found love? The 26-year-old has been living with his mother outside Orlando, Florida, since the controversial death and has appeared to be struggling emotionally – with erratic appearances on TV shows and strange social media postings. But he seems to have turned a corner, maybe with the help of a cute waitress from a nearby restaurant.

On November 3rd he was spotted driving her around and spending most of the day with her. He was all smiles as he picked her up and took her to her place of work – even being seen adjusting his clothes and hair before meeting her. As they arrived at the restaurant, he held the door open for the young brunette, and had lunch at the bar while talking to her. In the early afternoon he returned to pick her up at the restaurant and took her to a mall for some shopping before taking her back to work, where he stayed for another hour or so. He then came back at in the late afternoon and stayed at the bar until close to 11pm, when they drove out. “He looked happier than he has been seen in a while,” said an onlooker. “He looks like he is definitely spending a lot of time with her, doting on her, and they seem to have great chemistry. There were a lot of smiles.”


What happened well according to TMZ Nick allegedly, struck his girlfriend Laura Leal  while driving and he would wreck her car and say she did it ???


This is an alleged story of what happened heard on the Wendy Williams show with a guest blogger was on the show this week. Various news outlets have also reported as well learn more here.

Nick Gordon did release a statement “Bobby is Crazy and he is a crackhead that brought drugs in the home “

NIck Gordon VS Bobby Brown
Will you be Watching the BIO PIC of Bobbi Christina?

Nick Gordon, calls the police on his girlfriend  Laura Leal it seems comical because it seems staged but it is possible he is being real the police came saw a boosted lip and no sign of issue with Nick Gordon and took him then the girlfriend back peddled and said she was suffering from manic depression and nick has been her support and she is sorry for her false report( lie )basically.

Whitney was a multi platinum singer with a voice of an angel she will be missed and may her and her daughter rest in peace.Whitney took in Nick Gordon as a troubled teen and then he started a relationship with Bobbi Kristina his mother was estranged till the death of Whitney ..

Question is how is Nick Gordon supporting his  living what does he do for income ?

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