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Mo’Nique, Speaks the Truth on her Interview about Harvey Weistein Hollywood Sex Scandal

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MoNique, Speaks the Truth on her Interview about Harvey Weistein Hollywood Sex Scandal

Mo’Nique talked about how it feels to work in Hollywood as a women because of the price of fame of the money she said she feels bad for them because of what happened with the women in Hollywood.


She also spoke about the molestation of her brother, she also said her mom told her not to say it was her brother and not say the name to say it was a family member and she now knows this is how  the rapist’s, will get away with it.

Monique, also said being silent allows the men to repeat their shameful acts and I agree
“At the end, of the day with all said…


I want her working but as a person of integrity she claims she does not want anything but respect and equality”


HOLLYWOOD – NOVEMBER 01: Sidney Hicks (L) and actress Mo’Nique arrive at the screening of “Precious: Based On The Novel ‘PUSH’ By Sapphire” during AFI FEST 2009 held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on November 1, 2009 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI)

Mo’Nique  also said it has been going on for 30 years in the entertainment  Industry,she claims she refuses to be violated because of her  molestation at the hand of her brother as a  little girl in her mind she would never be violated again.

So at the end of the day it seems Mo’Nique has a lot of empathy for the women who have been raped and also used up for the price of fame.


During the radio  interview with the Morning Monsters who happened to be white the host of the show felt bad for what his ancestor’s did to african american slaves who were used  to build empires on the backs of the   ancestors.


Let’s be real the men of old are gone it’s a new day we hope Mo’Nique will find peace because days before Jawn Murray put her on blast!

Her defense was that Jawn Murray is a light skinned black man and he doesn’t understand were she is coming from  .. Monique has a lot to say see our next post on Jawn Murray

She also said that the “American Anthem” is not the problem, that at the time the national anthem was written the man owned slaves, she also said that the chickens have come to roast with the constitution needs to be rewritten.


Mo’Nique also was spitting some game and was saying that Abraham Lincoln is also a fake representation of America’s History, he Abraham Lincoln did not care about the slaves he did it for the Union In the interview she also gave some gems.

We still love Mo’Nique so we don’t agree with all things going on but the only one’s who know what she was offered 3 Million for Netflix or 500K is the creator and Mo nique manager and spouse and the team at Netflix we believe she is very talented and should be able to produce her own Movies and projects which she has worked on comedy tours for the past five years.



Monique’s husband and manager has been looked as the weight that is carrying her down and she claims she trusts in her husband.

Importance of gender equality and racial equality in Hollywood seems to be her mission.
Monique, Refused to Play the Game in Hollywood and now has not worked since because of List of company’s “blackballing” her when she never came to Hollywood to be an actress. She also said she never said she was not Blackballed and she never said it.

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