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Meghan Markle’s Brother Speaks Out

And it's Not Good...

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  • Meghan Markle's family cannot be happy for her ...
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The soon to be Princess Meghan ,  is getting a lot of shade and guess what why now ?

We are sorry to report this news we like Meghan she seems like a good girl and now her brother got a trashy interview out there to spoil Meghan’s wedding plans but thats why he was not invited!

Meghan starred on Suits and now she is  done with acting and focused on her life with  Harry so why all the hate ?


Well it’s normal to feel left out and now she Meghan is being blamed for the rules that she has to follow like it or not !

So here’s what her half brother had  to say …

Thomas Markle said her interview is her skill acting, that Meghan is putting on a act to enter into the British family!

He  spoke on the record with Daily Mirror and actually had the gall to say

 “Meghan likes to portray herself as a humanitarian, a people’s person and a charitable person, but she is none of those things to her family.”

“Thomas Markle ” Daily mirror

So with that being said he also goes on to explain That Maybe her american family is not important because they are not executive producers.

Meghans brother half brother  Thomas Markle Jr , just  arrested  January 12 , for allegedly  holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head he does pose as  a security risk, sorry but he seems to be the last person to give advice when he has sketchy past and he is unapologetic being he is doing a interview talking trash about his sister instead wishing her well he was charged with menacing, pointing a firearm at a person and unlawful use of a weapon.

According to the daily mirror Thomas has not been invited to the wedding and Meghan has cut ties with her brother Thomas did live with Meghan for a eleven years with her mother and other siblings.

There’s a whole different side of Meghan he sees now and it isn’t pretty he said it’s ugly see  she also does not come to family events for seven years and it  appears Thomas is not the only one upset also it is her sister and many others who are upset but to be honest Meghan may have been busy so how is it her  brother is come out with this now ?

But to be honest her mother and father are supposed to walk her down the aisle so maybe at the end of the day Meghan may not be what her family wants her to be but can’t they just be happy for her and understand she is in a different place and has a whole entire life they will not expierence maybe this time she found the right man and he happens to be a Prince who just happens to be the grandson of Queen Elizabeth ll

Thomas needs to chill and stop talking bad of their own blood but from our sources it appears her brother is a child from a previous marriage so this is common with siblings when one becomes the center of attention.

Thomas why are you  doing interview then answer that question and if the Royal family accepts her then why can’t you ?

I would be proud my sister married a Prince instead you result to being seen as a man without honor and for that we are embarrassed for Meghan.

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