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Love and Hip Hop Colorism Arrives at the “Breakfast Club “Charlamagne Goes In on “Amara La Negra “

The Internet Response ...

Did Charlamagne The God Bleach His Skin ?

On the breakfast club, Charlamagne was on the show talking about the topic of colorism in the Music Industry and let’s just say we are not going to watch Breakfast Club anymore its time for some new free thinkers to come on the show in our opinion .
Self Hating because he bleached his skin or made it lighter due to imperfections ?
Dj Envy, was dismissive of the notion as well

Is Charlamagne Color Struck ?

I feel like Charlamagne uses his position, to act like this is popular opinion of men like him
Most of the time african american women don’t care Kanye is with Kim why because it’s not that african american women, do not like seeing african american women with white women its is the hate for their own kind being a african american women who wanted to be a singer i was told I sang like a black girl and i should tone it down i can relate in the music industry there is a standard  with that being said It harder for a african american to break thru as a whole you need a big booty like Kim Kardashian to be somebody these days and you also have to be well …

Fake I am glad that Amara La Negra came out this way cant wait to hear her new music is she has def cross over no matter what the haters Say Young Hollywood a producer from Miami who has produced music for major artist’s in the music industry see it all started on the show were she met up with him and her mom came along!

Then, Young Hollywood ( Elijah  Saraga )got Amara  alone away from  mama’  and they conversed about music her goals etc

Then he made a comment about her “nappy fro”

I am no one but even gossip but in the past  Kodak Black said Dark Skinned women ain’t shit ?


Cardi B had something to say why this  may  be  cause Amara Le Negra is her competition of course!

Amara La Negra commented that “It’s Hard for dark skinned women “to break into the mainstream!

Charlamagne, ignores it (makes a face ) because he feels like Nicki Minaj and the light skinned women as a preference.

What We Love About Amara La  Negra …

People Claim, she has short hair and her hair is a wig Problem is dark skinned women can have long hair any person who is black can but it’s how they take care of their hair she has real hair & real skin color real body …

What I love About her is she is Happy to be who she is… accepting herself and happy in her own skin You go girl!

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