Jim Carrey in Bad Karate Class (jim carrey 気) – In Living Color (ILC best moments – funny epic lol)

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Jim Carrey in Bad Karate Class (jim carrey 気) – In Living Color (ILC best moments – funny epic lol)
In Living Color was an American sketch comedy television series that originally ran on Fox from April 15, 1990, to May 19, 1994. Brothers Keenen and Damon Wayans created, wrote and starred in the program. The show was produced by Ivory Way Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television and was taped at stage 7 at the Fox Television Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The title of the series was inspired by the NBC announcement of broadcasts being presented In living color during the 1950s and 1960s, prior to mainstream color television. It also refers to the fact that most of the show’s cast were black, unlike other sketch comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live whose casts were mostly white.
Over the course of five seasons, the ILC cast and crew dedicated twenty separate sketches to Kung Fu, ninjas, head injuries in boxing, Mike Tyson’s ludicrous exploits, Jim Carrey’s slapstick takes on karate, and Tommy Davidson’s effortless impersonation of Sugar Ray Leonard.
Jim Carrey plays a karate instructor, who claims to be a former world champion, teaching a self-defense class for women. He proceeds to get stabbed twice accidentally by Kelly Coffield while attempting to show how to defend against a knife attack, and is eventually unmasked as a fake by the other students in the class.
I’m willing to bet that at least 75% of women have, at one point in their lives, attended an ostensibly helpful self defense seminar almost as ridiculous and useless as the one portrayed in this skit. comedy movies funny moments lol entertainment

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