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Donald Trump Jr. Getting divorced after Over a Decade of Marriage

Donald Trumps Emails exposed Affair with Aubrey O'Day

Donald Trump Jr. Getting divorced after over a decade of marriage
Details: How it Fell apart


Vanessa is a beautiful women Aubrey is clearly plastic

So we wanted to stay silent on the FBI special investigations case because it is a high level investigation with agent Mueller who is a very special investigator we do not want to weigh you down with the long winded story so here is what is going down.

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Think of the pressure of it all the FBI asking your husband questions his cheating and boom i’m tired of it !  Think of it this way even if there is no wrong doing Donald Trump Jr cheated while he worked on Celebrity Apprentice and it has publicly shamed his wife allegedly Donald is cheap with Vanessa and spends a lot of money on Aubrey.



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Donald Trumps son if charged with the accused charges could face life in prison for just lying about the whole russia voting scandal the whole thing going on is a Movie in the making not to mention another FBI agent has been removed as the director over the weekend as the investigator can keep doing his job why cause he cannot be fired.



Back to the divorce, Vanessa has had it the crazy thing is that there is an issue she has with living like she was broke reported that Donald Trump Jr is cheap, but with all do respect he is not…


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The Donald has a lot of money but what has us worried is  Honey he does not have his father’s fortune yet and if the case goes the way some people think there may be less of it left but hey Vanessa can always write a tell all book but she comes from money so she was not in agreement with the affairs.


According to the report on Page Six the divorce will be a substantial number

With all the alleged hookers and shady business deals Trump University a sham and the art of the deal written by another person.


Bad part of it he did the same thing as Donald Trump sr he cheated on Vanessa when she was pregnant with Donald Trump Jr baby so guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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A Play boy model has come forward about the affair at the same time Melania Trump was postpartum after the birth of Barron Trump see more on our story here
Aubrey O day was a member of Fifth Harmony a group Puffy produced and promoted on his show.


Vanessa Trump found the email uncovering the affair with her husband Donald Trump Jr. and the internet went crazy Let’s think of it this way.

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