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A College Student Recorded Herself Saying Racial Slurs on MLK Day

Her School Expelled Her

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  • “We do not waste water . . . because of the poor people in Syria,” she said in the first video, standing in front of a bathroom sink. “I love how I act like I love black people,” she said, before using racial slurs.

A college student was removed from school for posting a video  of a racist rant on MLK DAY

so in this case we cannot say it was a mistake.

Here’s what happened according to the Washington Post, On Wednesday a 19 year old women attending  University of Alabama took to Instagram of all places to post a video on alleged fake account. According to the news outlets second account are used by teenagers and catfisher’s on MTV!


So the video went viral and sparked a internet storm and guess what the winds are against Harley Barber ignorance is bliss that has turned in to hell for her i bet.


Martin Luther King Day Racist Rant


She then posted a second video in response to those that wanted to snitch and report her video to instagram she was informed they would tell her sorority sisters at Alpha Phi for using racial slurs nonetheless she did not stop there.

Telling the spectators I don’t care if it is Martin Luther King Day and used more racial slurs wow what a piece of work this girl is crazy im just glad i did not know about the video, either way what we can learn from this is that nothing is sacred online post a video that offends other  people expect something bad to come back to you and fast !



It’s sad to say that her actions have caused her her college degree at that school at least maybe she will learn to keep quiet and keep her opinions to herself.

Stop racist comments by reporting  users on any platform just as the facebook women was reported for her Obama comments report incidents online you may save a life and your doing the right thing reporting it no matter who it is no one should have to see comments or videos of hate.

Not that it matters, people are entitled to their beliefs but posting racist videos on MLK Day who does that and at the end of the day it only caused the poor dummy her degree at a University  sorry to be ignorant but what a moron.

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