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Youtube Adpocalypse 3.0 is Here and Creator’s are Forced to Out

Youtube's Response to Logan Paul...Scandal Is this the End ?

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Youtube Adpocalypse  has come to this yet again and Guess what if your channel does not have 10,000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours in the last 12 months your not a partner anymore !

So because you can serve man and money they choose money and Yes my small creators Youtube does not care about your channel less you have 10K subscribers what the hell is wrong with Youtube i mean how will someone keep going without begging for donations!

Now we had a channel we opened but due to all the rules we will host our own videos no need for Youtube Vimeo and Dailymotion may me a option for us now but what should small Youtubers do ?

Youtube Adpocalypse

First stop building everything on Youtube’s unstable land they shift the land out from you why because they can’t control the content so they think if Youtube limit’s  the partnerships and the reach of channels with low subscriber counts it will flush out the bad actors in their own words … they actually did not care much to apologize to the creators themselves.

What are the Alternatives ?

Dtube  Steemit and your own website !

Stop building your work on Large blogs and video sharing sites go independent there are other options Channelclipz.com offer a medium like expierence with embedding your videos and also hosting direct upload videos they are not You tube but they are a place to promote your channel.


Youtube Adpocalypse

You can keep going we choose to remove our channel and upload a new channel with better content if you need help with youtube or promoting your website  go to Video Creators chanel they are good people and give out help.

Before the hat dropped … Casey Neistat said it Best

The guy who runs  Video Creators Tim just had a daughter who was just born and she was blind we encourage you to donate for live help with your channel.

Question what will you do with your channel if your a small Youtuber ?



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