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Nelly has been Reported to be Sued By Rape Accuser!

For sexual assault and Defamation

Remember when Nelly made a public statement about clearing his name and T. I had the nerve to come to his defense well its not over yet!

Guess it’s time for her to change her mind. before she refused to testify against him now all bet’s are off!

According to public record Monique Green worked as a Host at an event were Nelly performed in concert in October. At the time she was not on shift and decided to hang out with the rapper and his entourage that night let’s be honest you would too!

Sad to say there but have been a change of heart maybe she was just there to hang out and did not want what came after allegedly

According to documents obtained by TMZ, allegedly Nelly invited Ms. Green out that night to hang out with him after the show that night.

The story is Green came back onto the tour bus and before she knew it he was masturbating already as she barely entered the room!

According to the documents Nelly began to have oral and vaginal sexual relations against her will and she began to scream and a handler of Nelly,came and removed her from the tour bus and threw a $100 bill at her as if she was a working girl.

Allegedly,she called a Uber and called 911  as she waited for her driver arrived she then was taken to  a Medical Center and a rape kit was administered.

Greene is suing Nelly for defamation. She is claiming that Nelly and his team started a “smear campaign” saying that she wanted “money, fame, and notoriety.”

Recently prosecutors dropped the case against Nelly after Greene refused to testify. Her attorney said it was too much for her client to handle.

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