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Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey and Andy Dick ….Whats Going on in Hollywood ?

Reports are in that this is not just a Film Scandal......

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  • This is not the only time that the Entertainment Industry has had reports of misconduct
  • Ben Affleck has also been under scrutiny in a past Interview with a Co- star he groped openly on camera
  • Kevin Spacey has been dismissed from Netflix House of Cards with the allegations of sexual Harrassment
  • Terry Crews also came forward about a man who groped him.. Later Russel Simmons sent a message about Forgiveness ... watch the full report to learn more
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Harvey Weinstein has been in Arizona for a while undergoing treatment for his severe issue a lot of women have come forth Angelina Jolie Rose Mcgowen and so many the list is quite long what more disturbing is the audio of the man who many know as an Academy Award-winning director who also partnered with his brother in several box office hits.

Let’s talk about what we know now …

Harvey has filed out of court settlements with 9 of the women all this time he was married we can only wonder what she is going through at this time.


The messed up thing is somehow the agents the handlers of the stars and those around them said nothing for those that were afraid to come forth it may mean that they too did not want to be alone in a fight against the big director who could make or break their careers in seconds.

Lindsey Lohan did try to speak out but many do not find her story to be credible being there are so many women coming forward not as many as Bill Cosby.  The strange thing is that in America an beyond it seems there is this look the other way or blame the women she wanted it is not true.

What gives a any person the right to touch kiss or grope a person without their permission?

Why is any women/man who said a man took advantage of her/him is lying, especially if they are wealthy famous politician public figure?

Why did their agent’s managers not say anything?


Ben Affleck BackLash 

Now we were very surprised at the video with Ben Affleck groping we knew about his cheating  with the nanny but we didn’t see the video that just surfaced which seems to be an older movie but hey the timing was bad the Justice League movie has debut we don’t think this will affect him much being he did not rape anyone.


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Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey and Andy Dick ….Whats Going on in Hollywood ?
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