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Facebook Replaces Journalists with a New Algorithm

Paradigm Shift

The Facebook so-called fake news is not the only problem Journalist face this year Pew die Pie and many others changed the game for monetized channels with his racist rant happened twice in one year.


The WSJ, made it worse claiming that content should be monitored because of channels like Pew die Pie and many other channels is this because there has been a Paradigm shift and now regular people can use the same platforms as a journalist who goes to school four years and the market is not big enough for everyone to start making a salary ?



With that being said we love and respect the Matt Lauer’s the Katy Curics but todays social media is the  news and this has caused an issue with the commons persons understanding of advertising and real news which in case of Donald Trump has deemed fake news but is this a way to neutralize independent media who is not paid the big bucks to promote an agenda or provide a brainwashing of what we should or should not believe .



Freedom of speech is a constitutional right but companies can create their own terms of use and policy and can change it and update the entire community by sending an email to notify the question is… Whats next?


Youtube had to enforce known community guidelines based on the issue that kid channels most recent have been shut down because the content was cloaked to be for children but had adult content containing suggestive sexual content in actions and in words this has caused large channels to shut down over night.

The Apocolypse is here for Youtube again learn more on our next post

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