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Tahiry Explains Why Love and Hip Hop

Is Bullshit in a Candid interview - The Brilliant Idiots with Charlamagne the GOD

During the podcast on Youtube and we are sure various other places Tahiry talked about the reality TV curation process.

Tahiry stated she  was not given a script but was told to say but the reality tv actress puts the scenario out there and they improvise the next step in the process this is probably why a lot of people look so shocked when a fight pops off.

Behind the scenes she was told the show was about women .. in our opinion we feel the show is nice to watch but at the same time is it real ?

DJ Self Remy Ma and Papoose who are from NYC are on the show and they want on because they wanted to succeed on the show not allow the Love and Hip Hop Franchise to Use them.

Tahiry Jose also , said” All they want to see is us slapping each other around” …

She also said she will not pretend to be with  person she is not with or drive a car she does not own on TV.

So it sounds like it’s not true Love and Hip Hop is a soap opera $2500 a episode and if not aired your not going to get paid.

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