• OMAROSA says There’s a Ho running AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE !!!

    According to the Washington Post a tell all interview with the notorious Omarosa is spilling so much tea yall better get your rain coats on and your Umbrella.

    She said she never messed with Donald Trump, she also said there is a women in the White house who is sleeping with everyone but who ?

    Omarosa was fired in December now  she is filming Big Brother she is also a pastor and politics but nothing ever got done in her role as a white house representative.


    Also she has been nasty to the african american community because she was who she was for a time and now her time has run out and she is scratching for attention…

    Reality show contestant running the white house wtf is this a bad dream…
    Donald Trump is not fit to be President and he can do what he likes and he has always been rich and he doesn’t care about who you are he has the power to crush you!

    Question is what’s next for Omarosa is it okay to spill the White House Tea  Party ?

  • Hip Hop International 2017 Documentary USA Elite Judge Lamesha Vine (Episode 2)

    Continue with me as I take you on a journey through my life as a HHI Judge. The footage is raw, no filter, no shame.
    I am an U.S.A Elite Judge for Hip Hop International. I have been with the organization since 2011. I started as a regular judge then trained and became certified to Elite status. I enjoy working with and for HHI because I believe in its core message; “Uniting the world of Hip Hop through dance.” The world has so much strife that we need dance to heal the wounds. I have well over 20 years of dance training and professional training. I have worked with several artists choreographing and performing. So now I enjoy teaching and passing down the knowledge to the next generation.

    Learn How To Dance:
    Overcome Your Fear: Dance
    Build Your Confidence with Dance:
    3 minute Cardio Dance Workout:
    4 minute Butt Exercise:

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