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Say What!! Meghan Markle Controversy ….

Racist Broach Worn to Royal Gathering ?

Story Highlights

  • One said: “Has no-one noticed the blackamoor pin that Princess Michael of Kent is wearing? Really? Meghan Markle official meets the family and is greeted by THIS?”
  • Former royal chef Darren McGrady tweeted that Princess Michael's decision to wear the brooch was an "appalling show of disrespect and jealousy."

I do not know, if you heard but their was gathering were Prince Harry  & Meghan Markle were meeting their family and the truth is there are two things we want to discuss here all of it was blown out of proportion let’s start with the adorable wedding photo’s!

Prince Harry wore a Dark blue suit and Meghan dawned a sheer black chic top and the internet went nuts!


We are not in the 18th century ladies Meghan looked posh chic and conservative!



The peanut gallery and everyone and their grandma had a comment and most of them were negative Poor thing all she did is take a picture and the trolls got what they wanted


All these tweets about her not being respectful she should cover up and she should be more like Kate Please! Ever since this poor girl was betrothed to this man that no one seemed to care about till now… Sorry we knew who he was but we didn’t know he was into sisters!


She like Robin Thick wife have a resemblance,  are not completely, black but no matter what color you are someone will love you we all hope that at least but people are fickle and tend to move on fast in entertainment and elite family’s.

Were was the love when Princess Michael wore the broach …

So this is what went down, there was a gathering and a family member wore a broach. the broach was a dark complected African women and it was so negative even the Queen’s Mother’s cousins  came out to say;

“The brooch was a gift and had been worn many times before. Princess Michael is very sorry and distressed that it has caused offense,” her representative said in a statement Friday.


See what Catch me outside got for her mom this year for Christmas!

Bad news for Cardi B …rumors fly Offset Cheat’n already ?? 

Should women date men from other industry’s when  they are successful ? 


(Megan Markle )Rachel Meghan Markle is an American actress and humanitarian who is set to become a member of the British royal family upon marriage to Prince Harry.

Markle was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California.

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