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Prince Harry Recieves a Scare with a Anthrax Envelope …

Authorities find The the Fatal Powder was not REAL

Prince Harry, had a scare with a mystery envelope delivered and addressed to Harry and Meghan Markle in the past no letters were seen as a threat in this case there was a letter that had a mystery powder ..


The letter did have some racially charged content’s listen to our podcast to learn more

The letter was opened by a member of staff and intercepted before it reached the Prince and Ms Markle, with specialist officers called in to investigate.




it's me neosiam

We are under the impression this was based on a jbeing  nothing happened but isn’t that scary ?

Sources close to Prince Harry came out droppin dimes on perp who sent a letter containing fake anthrax who would do such a thing really ?

Prince Harry is not next in line for the Throne his brother William has been said to be the next King of England and hey im sure he is happy he is not based on what has went down reports have said it was because of the color of Megan Markle’s skin ,she will be one of the first African american women to marry a Prince in line for the English throne a politicians girlfriend has already been removed for a racially charged text message.

It’s nice to see people who have chosen each other and not a arranged marriage especially when it comes to monarchy and i bet the haters are not in short supply but we love this couple and hope to see the pictures of their union.

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