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Politicians Girlfriend Sends Racist Texts About Meghan Markle!

Back Pedals with an Apology ..

Henry Bolton a British Politician’s model girlfriend, Jo Marney made racist remarks about Meghan Markle 

We have the tea well according to Daily Mail, Ms. Marney said that Prince Harry’s “black fiancee ”  would taint the royal family.

She also had more to say in the text messages stating that Markle was “race-obsessed “and no one knew who she was till she met Harry and that Megan was a “commoner” who had a tiny brain.

After the person who Jo Marney was texting called her a racist she went on defense stating she was not racist she just does not want other cultures invading her so_ called culture.

Just a  few weeks ago there was a broach now this what is going on!

In a statement to The Mail, Marney apologized and claimed her comments had been taken out of context, saying, “No offense was intended and, again, I apologize unreservedly for any such offense or hurt that my messages have caused to members of the public, members of Ukip, my friends, family and loved ones.”


Judgement came for Marney because the Independent  Party removed her .. now who has the tiny brain ..

Bolton 54, was already being shamed because he left his wife for a 25-year girl all we know is we don’t get what is going down in the United Kingdom but these women need to mind their own business question we need to ask our selves is why does Marney care ?

I am just glad Karma came for the gold digger who is a home wrecker and now kicked out of the independent party for racist remarks.


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