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As our first episode we wanted to start with marketing strategies for music artists

We wanted to give you a few tips on how to market your music as a independent artist effective ways to promote your music and the thing is your can change it a bit to fit your style and delivery to your audience.


  • Keywords  and tags matter in your promotion strategy should be planned and implemented with a blue print

  •   Change your tags to related artists in your field Add a custom image to each post with a logo in each photos and videos  make sure to keep your name out there use canva to brand your images
  • Create a active music channel around your music and genre of music a podcast is always and option some artist’s have paid ads they use to promote their brands to learn more about this watch our podcast!


Marketing your music is not about spam you need a business plan and set goals for your music like for some it’s awareness if your going to be independent act like it and start by creating a product people will love.

Music is not an act people like Ben Affleck can be successful due to their ability to evolve and improve just as Bruno Mars did so if you want it work hard and invest time and money into your talent

Cardi b had the right sound and was hot as hell and guess what Bruno Mars remixed an old song made a video and walah a  Hit!

  • Make more music often how can you compete if your not making music you need to make people aware of who  you are.

Music is real it is not a game to some and yes it is not for everyone not everyone will be Jay Z or beyonce but why not try ?

Buy beats and instrumentals and do covers sometimes people will start liking your voice so keep this in mind singers and rappers.

  • Create a Professional image and learn how to brand and interview on radio and on a podcast


  • Start doing more shows and events and network go out of town to Ascap or SXSW do you want to be a independent only I do so then start working your lane not a major artists lane!

  • Register with Soundexchange and BMI it’s free to join these entities and if you can pay sign up with Ascap


  • Start making videos with your music want to learn how to release music and also release it correctly you can just post a song and hope for the best!

Let other people promote for you this is the Golden rule we are now testing out new business strategies for our clients and also for our affiliates who choose to join us we are now developing an app that streams music thru google play with skippable radio station option we will update with the details.

  • Not all musicians are going to make it as a full time artist so i am not saying you cant build a career but be honest about your  ability.

Plan your release ahead of time and add a snippet of a song and make it the best song on your  EP don’t release all the songs at the same time and also test the song in clubs is a must.

Online listening parties are also  good for your music to see what people really think of your music.

The Three basics of a great foundation of a song release

Audio mix down to sound professional no clipping it needs to sound great

Image and Video are very important! Your cd cover and your EP or single  needs to look good so use a Photo shop specialist to get your brand right and use the themes of your project to create covers if you can try t o use a still image video to get started to promote your release and Throw a Party with free food and alcohol!

  • Create artwork for  your image from day one we are in a visual world

Music Marketing Tips: How to Promote Your Music 2018
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