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OJ Simpson Back in the Headlines

Slams Ronald Goldmans Dad Stating he is Taking Advantage Financially ...

OJ Simpson has been back to court filing papers about harassment OJ claims that Mr . Goldman wont let him live his life.

In case your not aware OJ Simpson,  may have one the criminal case but he lost the civil case to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman because of tampering the dirty cop and the glove now we do not know the details of the case so we are not saying he was innocent.

Mr. Goldman’s lawyers the father of the deceased boyfriend of Nicole Brown Simpson claims OJ is living it up!

Now we do not know if he did it or not but writing a book about if he did it does not help. The rumors that Khloe was his child are unconfirmed but she did say  it was not true plus thats really personal.

Kris Jenner was friends with Nicole Brown Simpson in the past and she cannot stand OJ Simpson sources close to the Kardashians.

OJ Simpson has many problems these days if he is not getting kicked out of the hotel we will update you on that latest on this story as it happens.

There are some wild stories and i will not waste energy speaking of it here a video will be updated with the top theories that people are saying now that the case has been examined but when he wrote “if i did it” for  profit it made people feel funny.

What happened to OJ’s Kids Watch the broadcast to see what happened to them what they are doing now.

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