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New! Google App Has Went Viral

See the Amazing New App in action

Google I think i love your new App the app is called Google Art’s & Culture and its giving us a new way to tour and be in the Museum at the  same time!


To try to access the Selfie feature you need to scroll a bit on the Home Page and Click the option under is your face in the Museum who knows you may get some calls to do some life art and now Davinci is not here to commission the work.


Okay so you take a selfie and see if it matches a face in the Museum isn’t that cool!

plus there are other cool things about the app we love too!


  • Search the world of art through color and time
  • Take virtual tours of famous museums and cultural sites on your device Baby!
  • Curate a collection of art work too see it in action Right here
  • Zoom  into details of your favorite artwork

I will show you mine once I am done we will see what happens !

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