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Independent Musicians: Why People are not Listening to Your Music

Get heard by People who want to Listen to Your Music

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Musician’s are doing their music promotion all wrong!

In this post we will discuss Why People are not Listening to your music.

The goal of any creative person whois in business for themselves as a musician who is independent from a record label not all of us get the chance to shine in the limelight and become a artist on tv film.

The question for many is how to promote and i believe that there is a lot of assumptions out there we want to help as much as possible so let’s get to it.

  1. Stop spamming sending messages to people at random is very bad to be honest go to groups advertise and post were the potential audience may be this means local bars open mics and also independent radio internet radio are your stomping grounds.

2. I want to make money off my music so I sell it ..The problem is why should they buy your music is it you think money comes instant well it does not sorry the problem with a lot of artists is that money is either not a focus or too much of a focus and its a pattern that artist who are unknown want the same $$$ as a major independent or even a major artist’s.


Remember you cant ask for Bruno Mars money or Beyonce money…

if no one knows who the hell you are and you need to put in your work to get there if it was easy to be these people at the height of their careers everyone would so think of it this way maybe you are capable of being a major independent artist maybe your reading this because your looking for a path to making people aware of your music well you have come to Radiotubetv Live we support independent music and mixtapes from majors

The truth is  it’s possible but what is your business plan how will you make $$ from your music if your seen as a local artist ?

Life Of Pix

  • Create a website do not mention your city all the time it’s not necessary, brand with and use a fiverr graphic designer to customise your look online, write on your blog about your influences local music events and also post about interest based topics a musician can have a social media / website stand out and go hard in the paint


  • VIdeo Distribution –-Launch a new Youtube channel and provide a professional look to your channel a green screen, a  Video Bio and music interviews etc not all artists can be on Vevo services like Vydia help you to get your music on Vevo music which is owned by Sony.


  • Digital distribution -Sign up for Soundexchange and add a Pro account to Soundcloud and register for Tunecore CD Baby remember if your a new artist you do need to distribute music you did need an audience do you promote your music on your personal profile if you do please stop at the end of the day marketing teaches at a basic level positioning matters not all your FB IG followers want to hear about music 24/7 they follow you and the issue we have seen with many artist’s is no awareness investment in videos promotion with no goal in mind.






Radiotubetv live is a site that offers free music promotion to independent artist’s we are pleased to offer this ability to promote and upload your music we have 100,000 users and we are happy to serve independent artist’s.

Our Radiotubetv Music Countdown will promote the top 25 songs some major and some independent music branded videos on news and pop culture  powered by our custom developed Youtube API with our website.

Social profiles upload videos mp3’s and podcast’s your podcast will need to be approved as an affiliate broadcast see our affiliate page to learn more

24/7 Music stream get likes and upvotes and get played on our radio station we also offer social profiles were you can upload your music and interact with other users on our site.


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