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The Most Hated Man In America

"Martin Shkreli" court transcript reveals struggle for impartial jurors

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  • Juror No. 47: “He’s the most hated man in America. In my opinion, he equates with Bernie Madoff.”
  • Martin Shkreli, center, stops with his attorneys to talk to reporters Friday, Aug. 4, 2017, in front of the federal courthouse. The former pharmaceutical CEO was convicted of deceiving investors in a pair of failed hedge funds. Shkreli still faces civil charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission and a $65 million lawsuit filed by Retrophin, which ousted him
  • "It doesn't seem like life will change much for Martin Shkreli," he said while drinking a beer and playing with his cat. "I'm one of the richest New Yorkers there is, and after today's outcome, it's going to stay that way.
  • "No real good can come from going on YouTube after a guilty verdict," said Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice. "This is exactly the kind of behavior that got him in trouble in the first place."

The Feds Want the Unreleased Wu-Tang Album Worth 2 Million!

The rare unreleased album has never been heard before. The Federal government plans to take him to court these December assets in the amount of $7,360,450.

Federal charges were filed and he is awaiting sentencing he went to Court in August and stated he was not the person who jacked up the price of the Life-saving Drug “Durfin” the charges brought against him was securities fraud on the basis he had lied to rich people to get rich from the price increase.

The investigation did not produce the hard evidence with more effort the special event concluded that Shkreli’s timeline of the stock and purchase of priceless one of the kind assets paraded on social sparked an outrage with the 1000’s with the rare disease and onlookers felt it was unprofessional to show off the Carter V and Wu-Tang “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” famous because it a One of a Kind record both have not been released to the public.

Other items also include :

  • Picasso Painting and Governments Enigma Machine made in WW1
  • Martin Shrekli a millionaire stockbroker businessman was very much hated but he sat down with Vice news and did an interview in his own home


Wu-Tang Albulm Sold for 1 Million in December a federal judge revoked Shkreli’s bail also the album has may or may not have been shipped to the buyer.


Shkreli’s legal defense team has a good argument how can their client be charged if the said victims were paid in the end?


We will keep you updated on this topic as Reports come in.

Stock prices and investments were of interest to him, as a child he was made fun of for being so into it.

Predicting stock prices is a job … Shkreli goes on to say at the time he could not believe it was a Job and goes on to explain what happened in his own words.


In Reality, I care deeply about helping peoples lives he admitted is a capitalist …
$1 per government and $7 per bottle for any of the pharmacy



What we did not know was his sister was dying of an infection that she could not move.


He went on to say that the way the news was presented it was a far stretch to what really happened he explained that the companies knew when he purchased the drug the price would be raised as a result of the purchase.

He also went into depth about how it really works on both sides  the intention was always to raise the price but not in connection to returning a profit for his clients and shareholders


The purpose of other companies is to present him as the only one who was greedy stating insurance companies and other agencies control other factors and  it’s not his fault.


Healthcare is a $500 Billion industry drugs are a portion of 20%  and 80% Doctors or hospitals are spent yearly so with that being said he went on to say it’s such a small portion of what is spent per year.


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