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Jay-Z Speaks on His Relationships W/ Beyonce & Kanye West

Lemonade Part 2 +Kanye Rant

Now we know about Lemonade  we never quite found out who the other women were…


Now the going thing is that superstars wives have to be faithful while the man can sow his royal oats like it’s new each day a woman must remain faithful is this right?

Jay-Z comes clean  and speaks on Beyonce cheating “Lemonade” to” Family Fued ” about his life change as a new father and also his relationship after the Kayne Rant that went viral at his own concert he told the world Jay-z has not called him since his wife Kim Kardashian West new baby.


Couldn’t Kayne, have called  Jay, and expressed his concerns instead of the public announcement ???

Often a lot of people cannot separate business from pleasure at the end of the day some people do not want to mix their brands with the Kardashian’s, nothing against them but sometimes its not good to be in the mix and Jayz and Bey once are both private.

But all of a sudden his cheating on Bey once, has left a sour taste in many of our mouths and the infamous elevator beating was it because of the things Jay, has done ??

It happens!

The music industry has this thing that we all know no man is faithful not just in the industry but in real life but if a women does the same she is shamed and not we are not saying Blac Chyna .. but I digress- Now we will have to see what happens next.


Do you think that its wrong for Jay to come out with another album and publicizing his affairs with other women ?


The rivalry between  Kayne and Jay is not as big as we may have thought he did mention that he said and did some things he did not agree with but they will always be good…


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Jay-Z Speaks on His Relationships W/ Beyonce & Kanye West
Ear to the Streets Radio

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Jay-Z Speaks on His Relationships W/ Beyonce & Kanye West
Ear to the Streets Radio

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