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Netflix Mo’Nique Exposed!!!

Netflix Offered 3 Million Not 500K ... Is this True or Fake News ?

Monique was offered More Than she reported on Sway and Morning ..

Now we are not the ones to gossip but we heard Mo’Nique may not be telling all the truth ..

According to pop journalist John Murray he clams Mo’Nique is not telling the full truth and he wants  her to be 100! about why MO’ is not getting the money she deserves and the roles she deserves.


There has also been some other drama that erupted between Sydney and yet another film Producer who wrote a letter that was read on a Youtube channel by Jawn Murray a Pop culture analyst on CNN in the past and has a popping career he has worked his way up in the business he did mention he  understand our predicament as small media producers that we do not call publicist’s and do not fact check …


We are not sure where that came from snubbing fans that watch at this time we prefer to provide our opinion of what we feel that the people’s most common opinion is and guess what how could there… be facts when tv scripted ???

Oh well but at the end of the day he John Murray gave us something to run with and guess what his one  hour show went to the next level!

It did appear he was making a big deal out of Monique but as we investigated his claims on his public live video he had a email he read out loud.

The director was said to be a low budget producer from Monique and that was a low blow being it was not him on the email did she know the said director was going to publish their dealings ?




Mr. Murray went to say that he does not agree with Mo’Nique version based on a string of emails and an appearance on MoNique’s Podcast with her spouse and Manager.



The true reason why people are mad is because no one wants to turn off Netflix and this is the truth !!

Monique thinks she is better than she is she is not a person we know to be as funny as she thinks she is this is just the collective opinion not all of our host’s are in agreement not all people like Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock or the Amy Schumers…

Guy Tori told her on air live “if your not in the public eye people think your just coming back ”


Mo’Nique objected and said she never left she has been on tour for her Mo’Nique show and she is still doing tours reports have been in that she unlike Chris Rock Dave Chappelle do not have the same numbers meaning Mo’nique does not fill her shows as her mentioned legends.

Mo nique also treated staff who were not african american in a  disrespectful manner …

Since the Oprah suck my d$$$ issue people have started to see Mo in her own podcast Open Relationship maybe thir “open” relationship should be more well private the negative energy is real and some people do not like this New Mo nique

you will not get the support or fans you should have had fandom is so different with actors and comedians.

We do not like that one!


Watch our Broadcast to Learn What really went down …

What do you think of the Netflix Boycott should we even care ?

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