Hip Hop International 2017 Documentary USA Elite Judge Lamesha Vine (Episode 2)

Continue with me as I take you on a journey through my life as a HHI Judge. The footage is raw, no filter, no shame.
I am an U.S.A Elite Judge for Hip Hop International. I have been with the organization since 2011. I started as a regular judge then trained and became certified to Elite status. I enjoy working with and for HHI because I believe in its core message; “Uniting the world of Hip Hop through dance.” The world has so much strife that we need dance to heal the wounds. I have well over 20 years of dance training and professional training. I have worked with several artists choreographing and performing. So now I enjoy teaching and passing down the knowledge to the next generation.

Learn How To Dance:
Overcome Your Fear: Dance
Build Your Confidence with Dance:
3 minute Cardio Dance Workout:
4 minute Butt Exercise:

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