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The Truth About Cardi B and Offset Jump Off Ch eaten Rumors

How women Look the Other way in the Music Industry


Once I saw the proposal of Cardi B I was happy till I saw who it was it was long we are hearing how he has cheated and Guess what Cardi, is cool with it!

Do not be shocked a lot of women who are in the industry look the other way or join in and this is why we do not see many of these relationships last.

Who’s to say that the people they are with do not have a disease

Is it right that a woman who is newly engaged keeps a man who cheats publicly…


In the video from DJ Akademics, other channels King Akadmeics her interviews the THOT excuse our language but her mouth is open the whole interview on Twitch. He even calls her my favorite throttle i cant even lie to you …

and it’s kinda disrespectful who they heck is Offset to act like she is living people know these men do it in every city it’s the norm for rappers their girlfriends and their wives.


Now we are not calling Cardi B. an angel, after all, it is her life but it does not surprise many she looks the other way men have a sense of empowerment as public figures thinking they can do what they want,.


At the end of the day, this is just my two cents what do you think is it wrong for women to look the other way?



Is it okay for someone to be with everyone and say they want to be married  is this the way of the industry well yes .. our next broadcast on our new Youtube channel will cover the Harvey Weinstein scandal and many other things in the entertainment sector that is quite disturbing we do not claim to be saints but does it seem our standards of what marriage is has gone downhill pertaining to monogamy?

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