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Rumored Romance :Amara La Negra Said to be With “Usher Raymond”

Just a Week After Announcement of Usher's Second Wife "Grace"

Now let’s take a moment and think about this first we hear Usher  Raymond is  with Amara La Negra ?


is Usher still  burning people then we see  a photo of him out with a women with a Afro ..

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We thought nothing of it and did  not post the story  for fear of validity we actually do our research honey, so with that being written..

A Few months back Usher was supposedly burning everyone and his wife stuck by his side

Now there were three accusers one male and two female and one of them had a press conference and it was later found that she was lying while the other two alleged victims are still talking lawsuits.


Amara La Negra is a breakout star from Love and Hip Hop she caused a stir in the African American Community about Afro Latinos from her story line from Love and Hip Hop Miami with Young Hollywood telling her to take off the Afro on camera it was a low blow a lot of people resonate with Amara on this topic its time for the music industry to stop basing everything on looks and color.


At the same time Charlamagne did not care on the Breakfast Club interview and it went viral, some cast members think Amara La Negra is the next break out african latina artist and some well think it’s too early to tell.

At the end of the day I think if Usher has herpes  allegedly what the hell is Amara doing if this is true she does not need Usher but if they are in love more power to you i just hope she doesn’t get burned if the allegations are true .What do you think about Ushers Divorce then rumored relationship with Amara La Negra ?


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