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Nicky Minaj With Eminem Now What !!!

Rumored Romance with Eminem and Nicky Minaj!!!!

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Yes it’s a rumor

We can’t say it’s a 100% true is this a PR move or True love ?

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Question is where  is Kim his wifey ?

nicki minaj and meek mill had their expierence but it did not last see Nicky needs a Alpha Male with deep  pockets who keeps her interested a girl like her wants a man who adores her you can tell and Meek was not ready for that!

Thought Nicki was with Future ?

Now all of sudden people are really eating this rumor up but what if it was true that the so called Rap god is with the so called Queen of rap now let’s be honest Nikki needs some life support to her career but two split personalities could work well.


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Chun Li just hit the streets so she is doing her thing with the Album even we cannot take away that we wish that artists would  focus on Music and skip the pettiness we can say that she has upgraded her style but the hair was too much!

nicki minaj songs have kinda changed through time but we are happy she is back we love her clothes!

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Question is does it matter if they are together kinda it would be nice to get a album and some TMZ fights but hey maybe this could be love let us know what you think?

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