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Can donate just $1 to keep our site to keep us on the Air 


Our site  is not  built with our own investment no corporate funding in building our site, all content on this site has been updated by two people and three interns the seven of us including the radio hosts write each piece of content , we do not have any large based business behind us at this time, we plan to stay 100% independent.


 Our content is made  100% free but we need your help!



Check our fundraising page for our platform we are hoping to build a internet radio headquarters once we can cover cost’s of hosting,  equipment ,production cost’s.


Each month  we cover the entire cost of Business hosting which is $150 per month we have been covering the cost for 2 years and now, we will update our site soon with news based content by local and national volunteers but we do it all free.



Each donation will be accounted for with using some of the proceeds towards;

  • Paying for hosting, equipment, bills
  • Distribution of our radio stream and podcast’s and YouTube channel
  • Production cost to create and distribute content
  • As a special Thank you each donor will be added to our donor page!


Thanks for your support

Radiotubetv Staff