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Donald Trump’s Lawyer Micheal Cohen admit’s He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Heart

He Paid "Stormy Daniels" Out of His Own Heart

President Donald Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen admits He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Heart

President Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen  publishes the untold and unseen interview and the lawyer also came out with letters that keep coming up. It’s sad cause Cohen said he did pay her 130K to Miss Stephanie Clifford from a fake shell company he made to wire the funds.

The Lawyer did lie as we now know  but now the money paid to “Stormy Daniels” after Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels had sexual intercourse that Stormy Daniels explained as text book sex in her candid interview off the record with intouch that has been released to the public.

Stormy daniels cursed out the Director of the new star wars film on twitter

So its okay for the president’s lawyer to lie ???

Now we are just reporting the news and we also found Michael Cohen sued Buzzfeed over  Russian Dossier listen to our news at 7 PM MST to learn more every Thursday listen to Ear to The Street’s News with  DJ Harmony !!

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