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What the Hell Is Went Wrong with:Conor McGregor

What Really Happened at ...

What the Hell Happened to Conor Mcgregor ?

Conor McGregor went Bananas and jumped a plane from Ireland and came for Habib the issue with it all is Why?

Conor  McGregor tarnished his reputation when he this week got on a place with 20 or so Goons and came to the UFC parking lot and assaulted and injured three fighters sitting in a tour bus what is wrong with Colin?


Kevin Lee: ‘Cokehead’ Conor McGregor ‘wants to be this thug’, but he’s not

Well looks like Colin is trippen real hard and he needs to get it together What went wrong ?

Well what happened was he went off and on Habib and sources close to Colin say he just flew the coop from ireland with his fake ass entourage word on the streets he was after khabib and he just came down and threw the dolly in the bus he later turned himself in and now is awaiting probably to be sued what and idiot he just had a baby dude must be hopped up on some drugs or something!


Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer. He is the former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion.


It’s rich people problems but hey it is what it is he need to stop like the innocent bystanders deserved that what if someone died guess he did not think about that one.

Next issue is the owner of the UFC Dana, Espn’s new show with Michelle Beadle   spoke about the assault on those he employs to fight were endangered and he himself felt it was out of character for even Conor so hey maybe dude just got mad but this is after coming back to the UFC and now he may not be able to fight yet again the owner of UFC actually said.


He could have did what he wanted but he decided to Go ape shit and try to seriously hurt those on the bus i mean what was he thinking the fight he lost with Mayweather did not count against him.

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