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Two Former Lawyers for Marion “Suge” Knight

Released after Arrest on Accessory Charges

Two attorneys who previously represented former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight during his ongoing murder case and were arrested on charges accusing them of acting as “accessories after the fact,” were released from custody Friday, authorities said.

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Mathew Fletcher, 53  taken in and  held on a 1 Million Dollar bail. The other person of interest was Thaddeus Culpepper, who was apprehended from his home.Los Angeles police department spokesmen of the County Sheriff Department declined to state if the accessory charges were in connection to the Suge Knight legal issues.

The following day on Friday bothe men were released from the county jail ..

We were confused why Suge Knight collapse in court seems like he was caught off guard did he truly think he could get away with running over people ?

The Los Angeles Police Department made a public  statement;

“The case is very complex in nature, requiring further review by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office,” the statement said. “Mr. Culpepper and Mr. Fletcher were released from custody today, pending an evaluation into the complexities of the case.”

In August of 2017,  Los Angeles prosecution alluded that Culpepper and Fletcher tampered with witnesses and offered bribes for their silence we presume, if these accusations have any truth it would weaken the county prosecutions case of said witnesses were swayed to tell a different tale of Rap impresario Marion  “Suge “Knight’s murder case.

When we heard he had ran over two men we thought damn!

Suge’s finally went crazy well we all knew he was crazy from rumors but coming to the movie set of Dr Dre and Ice Cube and running over  people is just well… we are speechless,not sure how he can get away with this damning evidence hit and ran over wow!

The story’s about 2Pac were pretty creepy in the streets and folks who wanted to get signed thought again after they heard Nate Dogg’s story + many others in our opinion Suge is a oversized bully who hurts people when they are not”Yes Men ”

Fletcher and Culpepper  bothe deny the accusations

Marion “Suge” Knight has always seem to get out of trouble has his luck just ran out ?

Suge 52,  will meet judgement by the court of Law for burrowing,  is vehicle into Terry Lee Carter and Cle ‘Bone Sloan this year he will meet his fate question is what will happen..

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