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Azealia Banks Comes for Cardi B

Saids Shes a Talentless Rat...

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Here we go again!

This time Azealia banks has a new album and guess what she was asked about the state of hip hop music and Cardi B was mentioned so a lot of people have missed the point.

Music has become mumble rap and some artists like Cardi B has also been said to be incoherent in some raps she shoulds much clearer but most often its mumble it makes no sense to some but hey no need to hate we are happy for her but we fear that Azealia was right why don’t people like thoughtful artists who really have a story to tell ?

Because this is not the time for it people want to dance and make money moves!

Okay back to our concern in this bashing is its bad that women have to feel that the need to put each other down but hey this is Hip Hop!


Azealia banks vs Russell Crowe , Iggy Azalea, cardi b, Rza 

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A lot of people are upset Let us know your- thoughts


The issue many have is the messenger but why not sit down and think about it for a moment is there a dark skinned female rapper out there who doesn’t speak the same as cardi winning no so she had a point.

If we may add on to it Cardi B has a big head now she also has been very catty and so has her sister Hennessy Carolina.


A lot of Youtube channels have a dislike for Hennessy Carolina as person not because of Cardi B’s fame or singles or album sales see women have had

Azealia Banks Comes for Cardi B
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