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Monique on Breakfast Club Interview : Racial Equality in Hollywood

Charlamagne Doesn't Get It ...

Monique on Breakfast Club Interview : Racial Equality in Hollywood
Monique Koon to Charlamagne tha God and left the scene

Now we have said what we said about Monique but this last interview was well karma for charlamagne Leonard is getting mad about his real name not his made up name
Monique said” Leonard  a man of principle was filled with humility and respect holding doors and full of respect” but now she doesn’t feel that leonard was raised right she felt disrespected.


She calls her man Daddy Publicly and asked her partner in all things management love all of the above Sydney has been around Mo’nique since the Parkers.

Sydney again recants the dealing with Netflix about the Resume of Mo’nique manager and husband is being blasted but in a way they have a point why is it she cannot get paid at least 3 Million for her work if they have the money ?

Then Tiffany Haddish was offered more on her cartoon special she will release it is because as Sin bad said they use a algorithm to pay their actors on their series and films and even Chappelle and Schumer made more money than offered to Monique.

Charlamagne said she had no other deals on the table – Angela Yee said she heard things about Mo’nique she did not like. The women put out a post on Twitter and did not say ” it was a nightmare”

Metrics were used yet again to be honest a lot of people would have watched Monique i did watch Chappelles Stand Up comedy and it was good Charlamagne said chappelle did 1500 shows before he did a Netflix Deal

She told Charlamagne he did not do his research in the deal Mo nique said he was ready to do radio but not the research.

HOLLYWOOD – NOVEMBER 01: Sidney Hicks (L) and actress Mo’Nique arrive at the screening of “Precious: Based On The Novel ‘PUSH’ By Sapphire” during AFI FEST 2009 held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on November 1, 2009 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI) Original Filename: GYI0058800931.jpg

Lee Daniels break out hit Precious she was grossly under paid for the movie only $50,000
Bessie a HBO movie were Monique is doing her thing and it was a hit

Charlamagned asked her to justify her numbers and racism that her whole motive of gender equality is used to presue her means to the end.

Almost Christmas,and also Roscoe Jenkins was funny and Soul Plane but we think there is a solution and it is bad because Charlamagne said she is using the racial equality is just a front for her inability to bring in the numbers.This is just a review of the conversation not judgement on Monique we love Monique and hope things work out for her but we are tired of the drama to be honest.

Kobe was mentioned and compared it to the sports game and then he did a lot of talking and to be honest it sounds like her daddy is the one who is the thought leader.

Funny  but insightful interview of Monique pulling the mother card and she talked about how Leonard Charlamagne should think about his mother and grandmother she did not like being donkey of the day.

Charlamagne it is a individual problem not a issue everyone deal with…
Syndey chimed in and said that the statement was wrong

We have not issue with Monique besides her management she needs a new manager and Whoopi was just telling her out of love. Want to see what happened see our next article on Monique spills the tea about one on one with Whoopi Behind the scenes dressing room encounter.

We apologize for the misinterpretation of the issue of John Murray Roland Martin and Lee Daniels and Oprah situan may be bigger than we know. When she was talking to Angela Yee there was a moment i wished Angela had more time.

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