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Monique Is at It Again …Whoopi Goldberg The View Dressing Room

Monique is at it again 😆😆😅 This time its Whoopi Goldberg and last time it was Oprah watch our broadcast…
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Blac Chyna Accuses Kim Kardashian of Bullying

According to TMZ Blac Chyna said Valentines Day Gift was a form of bullying… Okay let’s just say what does…
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Seal SLAMS : Stacey Dash ” Keep MY Name Out Your Mouth !( LMAO)

Stacey Dash Slammed on Social Media for mentioning…   Seal      (Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) in a news report…
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Say What!! Meghan Markle Controversy ….

I do not know, if you heard but their was gathering were Prince Harry  & Meghan Markle were meeting their…

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