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Bruno Mars Featuring Cardi B.

"Finesse" (Video)


Watch my reaction .. First off the beat is off it sounds like the song is Mediocre “at first but then i thought about the lyrics the video and the choreography.

Performance was good and Bruno on Point i personally do not like the track much i will not lie to you!


Is it just me or is Cardi B Lyrics to me were not has hard as I liked but as I listened to the track I understood it was a 80’s Vibe. I see what Bruno is doing !

“24 Magic” was a great song but this song has nothing in comparison…




Bruno can sing and i Loved it at the end I will not lie I give it four stars cardi was off beat to me or maybe it was just the beat at least she  sounded clear kudos to the sound guy!

I like the clothing and the engagement of the crowd’s reaction his foot work and his vocals great being they were moving a lot!


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