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Seal SLAMS : Stacey Dash ” Keep MY Name Out Your Mouth !( LMAO)

"You Live In the Sunken Place" ..Get Out !

Stacey Dash Slammed on Social Media for mentioning… Seals name      (Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) in a news report from Radiotubetv we have acquired a snippet of what went down with Seal apparently there was a speech by Oprah and people misunderstood a meme and also has some things to say about seal not being ” Black enough.




Seal “singer multi-platinum singer-songwriter took social media to set the record straight and Baby !!!

Stacey, you got kissed by a Rose that well is tainted with the words Keep your name out your mouth!

Stacey Dash made headlines when she tried to tell African Americans that there should not be holidays for being black that African Americans are Americans…

Black Twitter also went crazy and 99% of the internet turned on the Clueless actress with her insensitive comments her cousin Dame Dash also had something to say as well at the end of the day is the actor Clueless or Wreckless comment and let us know your thoughts on this drama should Stacey stick to acting?



Should we all stop assuming that a person can say what they want and not be told they are wrong for having an opinion some articles have reported he back peddled in our view we believe that Stacey Dash was looking for  another way to get  back in the headlines she did this with Jessie Owens nominated actor , she did this now with Seal he also said she was self-hating.

Isn’t it sad that instead of h


er being empowering for mix raced women who associate themselves with both races she has the campaign to make certain that


African Americans should forget their past and be American but what is American if you know nothing of your originals it’s ahhh.. sticky situation.

Seal SLAMS : Stacey Dash ” Keep MY Name Out Your Mouth !( LMAO)

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