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3 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

 Best Advice to Aspiring Independent Musicians



Musicians Reporter

Musicians Reporter

New Podcast 100% for musician’s Managers Creators of Music

Our show offers the best easy ways to make it happen for yourself in music no matter if your a producer artist etc you can make it happen our site mission is to promote up and coming talent trending news our podcast channels will soon be filled with original hosts , our shows can be seen on Youtube and Channel our newest partner site offers creators a place to shine.Our staff is a small number we removed all the dead accounts and are starting new so keep in mind we have a lot of work to do !


What Topics Do we Discuss ?

  • How to get gigs
  • How to promote
  • How to licence your music
  • Do’s and Don’t for performances
  • Network segment will invite a local manager, promoter small business
  • How to get a work at home job for musicians /side hustles
  • Music News Festivals events



Doing music as a full time career is awesome and having the freedom to do music that you created you do not need to be signed to a label ,being able to do music and your making a difference i want to let you know you can become who you want to be in music. It does take hard work ambition and also alot of patience  our latest podcast will discuss how to make it in music but it will also provide a free resource you have overlooked for quite sometime. Lets make 2017 a year of discovery Our team will pick one artist per month to promote to the masses.

New Music will be updated very soon Coming from Philly Renegade Music has such a collection of music most artists fail to realize the time it takes to truly product listen to what Prince had to say about this topic here



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