lady been cold

Arizona Females In Hip Hop On the Rise “Lady Been Cold ” The Next Generation of Rap

Originality is our key focus when  we search for music we never know what we will find. Music is our passion and the interesting thing about Lady Been Cold is that she unlike  many Female rappers we seen on TV around the web and offline we seen it all. has a genuine unique sound.She stands out and she doesn’t look as if she is playing a role something that is hard to find. Most of the music we find should be promoted on local radio but as we know they are for the majors only we are for the big and small artist alike and to be honest no one came harder this month we looked at a lot of music but when you hear a track that makes you remember it and the artist It’s a blessing.


Listen to her Hot Single “Crack n” has all that we are missing when you hear her spit she sounds confident Lady Been Cold  also has a hot body 100% natural she puts heat on the track the streets are talk en. We caught wind of the track on You tube running with the track to our station director i had to get the track on our  platform because we love to align ourselves with the next up and coming artists. The way the major music industry is going we just don’t enjoy mainsteam radio we are so into raw talent but when we see a polished track inside and out we cant help but to share it on our station soon we will catch up with Lady Been cold at one of her shows until then listen and watch her finesse you with her word play.


Lady been cold has an amazing delivery and we instantly fell in love with her music many females are afraid to be themselves and provide that originality needed to break through our interview will come very soon stay tuned for more music and updates on shows on her page on Vote for her on Coast to Coast Mix tapes



What we love about ” Lady Been Cold ”  she raps with a new sound unique to her own it is a known fact the West Coast is in need of some new blood and we will support as much as we can with letting it be know we predict she will be Next to Blow. The refreshing part is she does not sound  like she is trying to sound like pop rappers we all know who have no original sound not that we are hating but real hip hop is real life !


About Lady Been Cold

Rappers are lazy to think a up and comers cant come for the next flavor of the month.female rappers can use this video as an example if its a hot track it will pop the beat is contagious already at 1000K views and counting we know the song  “Crack’n” will  spread  like wildfire a lot of industry cats think they have their ear to the streets but they do not you should take note Lady Been Cold has written each and every word of her rap we love to see real talent shine watch the video below and see the undeniable talent.  We are confident we will be hearing more  great music from this talented female rapper its been a pleasure listening to her song and we hope you find it to be a certified slapper !


Lady Been Cold Crack'N