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Independent Music Artist Write Ups

£45.00 £15.00  passionate about your music  in the written form we also have a podcast that we insert into our 24/7 streams by buying this product one time you will get passive promotion of your music no radio stations will ever focus on your music the way we do we do not claim to be a large company but we do have users who read news and listen to our broadcast’s users can win prizes online by tuning into our news alerts and also reading our blog or vlogs offered by our Radiotubetv Live staff see our contest page for more details. 

Videos can be added to our Featured Music TV page just add a donation of any dollar amount we will use all proceeds to pay staff and save a percentage to build a indie radio network we believe in putting the musician first attend our free webinar to learn more about all of our services.

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If your looking to promote your music.We would be more than happy to write about you our write ups come with the option to syndicate to Multiple sites at the same time.Exposure of your music or business is key, if your a unknown artist or a start up of any kind you will need awareness and we can help you achieve more views this will be accomplished by syndication on other social media sites and also our marketing courses we create for our staff and clients.

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$15 Write Ups


The reason some artist fail is lack of awareness proper positioning does not mean spam or add to groups some people feel it is annoying so keep in  mind you need other people talking our publicist teams will promote your content on multiple sites we will also Ping the article and post to guest blogs about your music. If you are willing to allow up to interview you it will enhance your ability to get in front of a lot of people do you need more exposure see our Radio Live Interview package.

Benefits of a Music Review

  • Get a personalized article 300 words  all about your music we even create a free custom review video for a additional cost 
  • Get realistic listeners our site also has a blog and a  vlog channel that we use to promote news content and your video can be promoted as advertisement FREE
  • Free music featured page conditions apply. 
  • Get heard on our Radio station with premium airplay we do not sell spins our write ups and interviews include free airplay 
  • Free Full Featured Profiles with your own music player No monthly fees apply we will add a image of your article first page and a link 
  • Passive promotion on our broadcast station 
  • You tube channel image advertising free no fee to get this option see our You tube package for more details
  • Stop spamming chances are most people will like your music but they do not know who you are we create content people search for get in were you fit in and get free tips about new movies games and commercial get your music licensed not all musicians can tour we offer free music tips for members only gain access to music business strategy training’s and how to make your music go viral free ebook.

No More wasting your time on spam we have worked with indie artist’s who see the vast difference of our service



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