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You tube Apocalypse

Breaking news You tube has changed their partner program again and some you tubers are not happy about it. We have talked about this in the past and now we are updating on that news  today see our full broadcast about the You Tube Adpocalypse Part 2 !

Reports are in that even large channels and small are being affected does this mean that yet again Pew Die Pie is messing it up for all creators since he is so large why doesn’t he just jump ship ?





What will happen now that the Artificial Intelligence bot is here ?

Well even educational channels are being demonetized and we can name a few channels like for example Darrel Eves offers free channel advice and also runs a full fledged marketing business centered around You tube,  we have watched his channel for years and its sad to see this happened but we have to ask ourselves why now ?

We did some research,  We found that You tube wants the users to stay on the site so try not to direct them to your website maybe even do not mention it at all make sure to not include any  political statements and also make sure to not use racial slurs we are under the impression that if there is such videos make sure to post these video types on your own website or blog or social networks.

Just weeks ago the word ni#*$ was used during a gaming broadcast and well now there is yet another strike going out for You tube channels that used racial religious and political content Alex Jones has a been hit but we can expect that with all the attention he gets from mainstream media he is a trump supporter.

Videos are being removed demonetized but let’s think about it we have a freedom of speech right not when it comes to the terms of service

There are feminists black lives matter and also Jewish groups who are apart of the anti defamation League will remove all content filtered with a A.I so in this case we turned into Korea maybe it’s time to build our own media platforms with our own sites who will not have to worry about large corporations telling what to say and write. Freedom of  information but no hate speech when the President of the United States can say what he wants about any culture indirect or direct.


Will this make creators move to VIDME or other video sharing sites including AMAZON ?




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