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How to Market & Promote Your Music

How to Market your music is the question we get all the time. in this article we will provide a way to make it happen with your music by promoting to the masses is not everyone’s path here are the basics of what to do first you want to make sure you have music if you do not have music you have nothing to promote to the market. Were do you start well you can start by creating a profile of your own here but if you want to take a step further you need a home and that’s were the hosting comes in your name and your brand need to be visible online.



A lot of people do not follow this path and they build a their videos on one platform and this all they do and this is not the way to go we also want to express the sorrow we feel when an artist does not work hard to promote their image effectively they come up short. Our platform has profiles and you can post videos to our main player as long as you have a dedicated profile and its FREE.



You need fans its not all about you some musicians just love to sing and in business that is not enough for example Cardi B & Nicky are the main attraction now so lets talk about these lovely ladies they have beautiful faces but both artists are not the same while Nicky has it all now she started were Cardi B was once and she like many either rise or fall. Love and Hip Hop has many wack undeserving artist but she has outshine them all besides Remy Ma getting out of jail even Cash me outside has a Record deal so we will discuss her in our broadcast.


-but how did it happen  ?



Well let’s talk about Nicky in this series of videos we will cover the basics of her road and how you can modify and change it a bit and make it happen !First let’s talk about her image has changed overtime ,with the Help of Safari she made it and so did he but there are rumors she did it alone no artist does anything alone you need a team a promoter a publicist (vlogger & blogger ) just starting out a lot of people have no money, so they think it will work as a musician … if your new how will you get paid ?



Promotion is what Nicky did on You tube so if you do not have a dedicated channel i suggest you start changing things up you can shoot from a smart phone she had already been networking prior to that and it just falls in place when your are on your awareness campaign you need to be able to keep up with the trends of what’s going on for your music genre festivals concerts opening acts for larger groups is a goal to have but make sure you perform.


Watch our full video to learn more







Its been a long road but the Puerto Rican Princess  is now off the air !

Now the milk is split and all of sudden she is telling it all on Instagram .Now she claims that she is not a fighter she now said’s Mona Scott is downplaying people of Color, the rant was long half did not make a shred of sense but she continued to bore us with her alleged claim that she is the producer of lhhatl this was the bombshell of the whole rant she claims she is the creative mind behind the ratings it was too much and likely not true. 


Joseline also went o say Mona Scott ruined Rasheeda  & Kirk Frost’s ,   Marriage  ? I practicaly wanted to run to the gram and reply and say no its not honey you really need to stop throwing i random things that are not at all in connection to Mona Scott .

It’s clearly Kirk’s fault not at all ,Mona’s fault ..

In retaliation she quit the show and saids she is owed 100K .Now she is saying that she will not tape with the $2 ass Hoes what !

Its really sad there is a lot going on.. Joseline , claims Mona acted strange  all of sudden its Mona’s fault that she did not get paid  she went to  give a time requirement of 72 hour from her post to pay up !


Love and Hip Hop ATL is not about Music why  don’t  the cast members see they are just famous on the show not outside of the show there was a video clips of Ms Hernandez was right that she was played out by her own making its not her fault that you got caught up in the game.

Stevie J is the exception to the rule he has produced and written music  with Mariah Carey Joseline thinks she has a career in music ? Some would say No she does not that she only has the platform because she screwed Stevie J got married ( we need receipts) and just gave birth to a baby girl named Bella now Ms Hernandez makes it seem she is the victim of being used by Mona she was already  acting that way on the last reunion of love and hip hop atl were she showed up with Dawn and treated the journalist like dirt.


Maybe what you see on the TV screen is not all it really as it seems ……

Question we should ask quickly is -What kind of jobs will Joseline  secure outside  of Love of Hip Hop ATL ?

Answer of most in the streets is  she will end up doing clubs and also appearances to get paid.

Executive Producer of #LHHATL ? OKAY ??? 

Stevie J and Joseline and Baby Bella were supposed to tape with Wendy Williams  unfortunately Stevie did not want to show with Joseline and Wendy did not want to tape with Joseline alone that she is not strong enough to interview with Wendy Williams Stevie cancelled so the show cancelled. 


See The Next Post on Meek Mill 

Remy Ma Brings a Mob of Hip Hop Female Rappers to #Summer Jam



Remy Ma shut down Hot 97 and the messed up part is Nicki Minaj got drugg on stage her photo was shown during the event her photo was shown to the attendees as the track “Shether” was performed by Remy Ma.


It was not the best weather so it was it is but it didn’t stop the 60,000 people who attended were in for a epic surprise . 

Performing “Conceited ” and also “All The Way Up  ” then for the finale she ponied it up on stage…


Remy Ma has been on  roll she had a issue with Nicky but its  just business

this week at the Summer Jam . The guest’s list on stage Lady Of Rage , Mc Lyte , Queen Latifah , Lil Kim

Cardi B, Young Ma  and Rah Diggah .it was really nice seeing the women sing U.N.I.T.Y  like many we all want the beef

to stop but it was not about Nicky really until Remy performed Shether. The interesting thing is it was all

Love with all the females supporting each other. See More on How the Beef Started  in our next broadcast.



The Rise of Independent Superstars in Music

The rise of indie musicians who have made a name for themselves in music
there are some dark areas of the music industry and unfortunately we seen the TLC story we also seen what happened with New Edition. The trend we see in both is that the gatekeeper was the reason someone could be on top one minute and gone the next based on a choice to play the game or just be played out of the music. 

Now it is easy to upload a song on your desktop the convenience of all of this causes chaos for the music industry musicians have numerous outlets to syndicate their own songs the disconnect for some is not active promotion and advertising at first this seems to some as pay to play ….

The rise of indie superstars happened with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Drake the Weekend and also Nicky Minaj to name a few there will be more the ways we connect with a fan to an artist are instant the problem is like and trust is hard to achieve with out a musicians building a platform they can use to engage like You Tube Facebook groups Google plus and also Reddit.  

The tools are there and also the challenge of Record Labels is that internet killed record labels control over the artist across the board not matter if your a major or a independent 
the tools are at masses disposal with the increase of cellphone tablet users. The issue now for the major labels is the artist does need them but its not a must after an artist is out of contract they can leave and be richer without the label taking a cut of half of the pie they are like a bank that finances a career now we all can access the same tools MTV is You tube your newspaper is social media and blogs. 

Video ads are the key for social engagement live streams are offered with one thousands subs so how can you achieve this ?

  • Paid advertisements to subscribe to gain access to monthly contest’s video social posts use soundcloud Pro account watch this video before you create a sound cloud account. 
  • Daily weekly blogging create a local tickets site for local events help other local artists to perform and also create a music magazine vlog or blog.
  • Post 80/20 rule don’t spam the hell out of people 
  • Create a Music Video
  • Learn Marketing create a three person team publisher promoter and management to be successful.
There are so many ways an artist can use social media and promotion online our radio station provides a place to be heard be non musicians new feature to mass post a link Free tools offered to registered users. 
Guest posting is also a way to get your name out there we have publishers who create five press releases per month integrating a story in a meaningful message at the same time we have our own advertising so we offer artist commercials interviews live shows daily on our radio station from our home studios. Our goal is to have a station each city for each local artist so we use these same tools to find our next dj we offer sites that teach how to podcast to train and retain 
Ebook coming Soon Music Keys to Success 
The book will provide actionable steps to making $$ online with your music

New ! Free podcast episode : How to promote Your Music Online

Nicky Minaj ‘s Clap Back Records are Not Up to Par ….

It was too little to late… The reason most people do not care about Nikki’s songs is because it was pointless to act like nothing happened while I am a fan of any female making power moves.

 I do not agree that because Nikki Minaj, is a  hater she has for anyone who is better is what escapes me as a artist and a radio host. Her music is a mixture of many she also went as far to remove Re my’s music off of Apple  the streets are talking and have watched what happened. It is not about anyone trashes Nicky she did her thing but never forget that the truth will always come out Future took a picture and Nicky ass dropped literally…. 

Strike 1 : Ghostwriters are a norm…..

Let us be real we heard about the Ovo camp sweat shop 
and at around the same time the same process maybe the same guy is writing … I digress. 

It’s too late  now its someone else’s  time to shine every artist has an audience. Safari has been remored to write her music  she has been silent since then.  

Strike  2 Real Is Real ! No frauds was Wack ! 

I feel like in a way it’s not about comparing because  Remy has been in the game before she married Papoose but alot of people try to pretend all of sudden Remy Ma had writers. I feel like this was nickys team putting out propaganda this is what i call fake new only this time the fraudulent person who has made millions has now come to a  place were the streets have made their judgement and  this time its not in her favor. 

Strike 3 The Party is Over !

The bad part is she should have kept Safari because he was there since day one she played herself and now she tried to come out  with a diss three track Ep that was the worse music she has made ever to date. If you like her sorry but the music is wack and she should have responded months ago! 

The Party Next Door plus many others write for Drake plus many more he is playing on the radio now the problem with the new music is some of it is just not that good this time around we found someone else who writes won this Contest.

Comment below what you think about The Beef ” between these two ladies do you think they should  squash it or battle publicly ?