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How to Upload Your Music


How can I register to become a musician ?

Register by adding your profile just like any other social media site we have enabled our site to offer a dual profile add your music add photos updates.

How do I get a custom profile ?

Only premium artists are able to get a featured profile this  means you have requested it by sharing our site updates or commenting on our You tube channel we do not edit your profiles and you must have a A& R specialists activate  profiles have a one time fee of $10 see the profile type when you are register.


How many users are artists i am on other music websites and it seems like there are more artists than musicians’s 

Our site offers a dual membership there are people who love to post music and some who like to share their own podcasts radio shows are our specialty and music and media are our passion we offer a site were you can upload your music and soon we will offer  service were you can upload direct to the station get heard on Stitcher Radio Itunes plus our own streaming on demand radio app which will promote 80% indie music and 20 percent of our the music will be major recording artists depending on the station.

How many user’s are registered ?

Great question we have 9758 members we are always removing spam accounts with emails of ru, babymails, spammail, trash mail please sign up with a yahoo, gmail, self hosted email address we will send a email to inform your profile has been deactivated.

All members are from able to post as much as they want we also host tal shows and live streams add your chat message donate to a station all donations are used to create contests we also offer major labels the opportunity to come and see our new Monthly stream video broadcasts are showered with indie music and top artist spotlights.


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