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TI Fires Back about Nelly Rape Allegations “Nelly is Innocent and wants penalty for women who Lie on Men ! ‘I’M SICK OF THIS”

Yesterday we broke the harsh news that there was a allegation of rape .Now with a heavy hand, as I write this post I feel inclined to say the reports are allegations there has not been a proper trial.The Multi platinum rapper TI has spoken out – his words are actually about women who possibly lie …

Is his statement’s called for ?

T.I whom had a known mistress break up his marriage and do a public shaming of Tiny Harris we were really surprised we LOVE TINY. It’s bad enough he’s a cheater but the women who he has slept with could have done the same to him as well as many who dip into the cheating pond….


Guess the side chick, needed to be known…. for being a mistress  time went on we also learned she posted on I.G doing way too much with that being said







“The Reality of Concerts Tour Buses”

Best Practices and a few stories of what really happens on tour…..

Women/Men  who hang out in after party’s are at times drugged or even are on drugs leaving them open to a vulnerabilities.

its a common factor its new age in Phoenix for example there is a club we will not name with a VIP section with a stripper pole though, i have a acquaintance signed by a record label, I am not given free entry i come in the door like everyone else and i see the women who leave themselves open for the prey to snatch and take what they want. The men who claim to be loyal to their wives please …

In a way i also want to say it’s also the female /male artist’s fault just because a man  /woman admires you does not mean sleep with them be a better man and take some pictures have a drink and leave its not worth it anyone can make up what they want true or not if you open yourself up.


I am not blaming this girl or any women for being raped i am also using this post to provide a best practice do not drink cups of liquids you did not pour and also stay away from pills and drugs .

I saw a girl at a too short concert surrounded by men looking to take this women home a group of men she did not know. Often on stage a singer rapper etc will pick a new girl in each city to satisfy his needs its a common practice and it need to stop I am sick of it !



Read more on the Harvey Scandal in Hollywood Grope sexual assault accusations are growing each day……





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