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Eminem is Back at it ! BET Cypher was Fire !!



Eminem shut down the BET CIPHER it was poetry and it was so real  it was a beautiful flow we wanted to share it here and not on YouTube and also our thoughts on it as well Make sure to add a comment below tell us what do you think of the cipher and his flow about President Trump. It’s also refreshing to see him Eminem still come back the way he did he went in on Donald Trump you have to watch our video.


We loved every moment it also gives rappers a piece of a real rapper the new school of rap must be shocked, it is nice to see a rapper who has not raped in ages come back with a rap that takes your breathe away and also shocks at what a calamity this world is in now that we have a president who rather act like the apprentice. Become a Member get news updates weekly comment and listen to new independent rappers singers plus coming soon we will offer a monthly giveaway.

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