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How to Market & Promote Your Music

How to Market your music is the question we get all the time. in this article we will provide a way to make it happen with your music by promoting to the masses is not everyone’s path here are the basics of what to do first you want to make sure you have music if you do not have music you have nothing to promote to the market. Were do you start well you can start by creating a profile of your own here but if you want to take a step further you need a home and that’s were the hosting comes in your name and your brand need to be visible online.



A lot of people do not follow this path and they build a their videos on one platform and this all they do and this is not the way to go we also want to express the sorrow we feel when an artist does not work hard to promote their image effectively they come up short. Our platform has profiles and you can post videos to our main player as long as you have a dedicated profile and its FREE.



You need fans its not all about you some musicians just love to sing and in business that is not enough for example Cardi B & Nicky are the main attraction now so lets talk about these lovely ladies they have beautiful faces but both artists are not the same while Nicky has it all now she started were Cardi B was once and she like many either rise or fall. Love and Hip Hop has many wack undeserving artist but she has outshine them all besides Remy Ma getting out of jail even Cash me outside has a Record deal so we will discuss her in our broadcast.


-but how did it happen  ?



Well let’s talk about Nicky in this series of videos we will cover the basics of her road and how you can modify and change it a bit and make it happen !First let’s talk about her image has changed overtime ,with the Help of Safari she made it and so did he but there are rumors she did it alone no artist does anything alone you need a team a promoter a publicist (vlogger & blogger ) just starting out a lot of people have no money, so they think it will work as a musician … if your new how will you get paid ?



Promotion is what Nicky did on You tube so if you do not have a dedicated channel i suggest you start changing things up you can shoot from a smart phone she had already been networking prior to that and it just falls in place when your are on your awareness campaign you need to be able to keep up with the trends of what’s going on for your music genre festivals concerts opening acts for larger groups is a goal to have but make sure you perform.


Watch our full video to learn more

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