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Our site has been Updated we do apologize for any user ‘s who had a  profile but we had a hacking and so we had to start fresh we will be updating our site with new music and also offering a video news channels featuring the best local and international Dj’s.



Local National International Music accepted get your music heard right Now upload your music today !


Our site will also features more of our content from our You Tube channel Talk Radio Music and  Video plus make friends share your story with us chat and have fun .Community site will offer gift cards contests and giveaways tune in to win !

Who we are

Radiotubetv a media based outfit we have a passion for music especially independent Musicians who are not signed we are happy to provide a free profile sign up here

Our tribe is small we are building local stations for each city  and state as you read this page we are also planning to offer original music podcasts for our musicians if you are a small based biz we got you covered see our media kit for more information on how to get started as a small based business we partner with Channel Clip  Network a new community site focus is on original content video education course is offered free on our site each month learn how to use Adobe After Effects want to learn to blog we pay it forward each month by offering a free blog course we offer the same training to our staff.

Radio Host DJ Harmony Skinny Joey our best of the best talent daily broadcasts see our videos on YouTube or tune into our Live streams Do you want to promote a business create a profile send a shout out request we have you covered.

Welcome to were independent Lives Baby !

Radio9 Administrator